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Music Bumblebees Aural and Theory Workbook A provides a fresh approach to aural and theory training for young musicians. Music teachers will undoubtedly welcome this exciting resource which, being equally suited to studio and classroom contexts, creatively introduces music fundamentals to students in a logical, step-by-step manner. Visually-stimulating, interesting tasks form a well-sequenced range of activities which encourage a motivated approach to learning. Teachers and students should look forward to using this successful blend of aural and theoretical development in which concepts are presented in a fun and enjoyable manner.”


Dr Julie Kirchhubel / Lecturer in Aural Studies
Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University
PhD (Edn), M.Mus., (GU), Dip Ed (UNE), Grad. Dip. Mus., B.A.(Mus), L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A






Music Bumblebees Aural and Theory Workbook B continues to provide young musicians an innovative and interesting approach to aural and theory training. This workbook introduces more complex rhythms, and also begins work on simple melodic dictation through intervallic listening and the use of solfege names.


School-aged students will find this workbook useful, as it corresponds with their classroom learning material, hence strengthens their musical knowledge and aural skills. The aural training in this workbook not only provides training for young musicians, but can also assist many students in their practical and theory or musicianship exams


The Music Bumblebees Aural & Theory Workbook series offer young musicians an all-inclusive music learning experience, and students should look forward to Workbook C.”


Antoni Bonetti/ Orchestra Conductor and Violinist
M.Mus., A.R.C.M., D.S.C.M., A.Mus.A

Music Director and Founding Conductor of the 80 member Brisbane Symphony Orchestra.
Lecturer, School of Music, The University of Queensland

Leading String Teacher at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Noosa






A beautifully crafted Music Bumblebees Aural and Theory Workbook A is a valuable tool which offers music teachers and young music beginners a fun and interesting learning experience of musicianship and theory. 

It features an ear-training CD with wonderful illustrated activities for instrumental beginners to explore the sound of different instruments as well as relating familiar sounds for introduction to musical terms at a young age. 

The book is a great design for teachings in classroom and studio teaching. It incorporates rhythm names used in Australia classroom music and American/British technical rhythm names to provide students a clearer concept of the different systems.

Through exciting aural activities to introduce intervallic reading and keyboard letter names, note reading will no longer be a challenging task but provides an enjoyable experience for all.

Music Bumblebees Aural and Theory Workbook A will undoubtedly be an inspirational and motivational book which appeal to young instrumental beginners.

Music Teachers' Association of Queensland's Review, by Angel Hsieh





"My students are loving your Aural and Theory Workbook A. Each of them has come back each week with far more work completed than I assigned and looking forwad to doing more. Your book makes it so easy to incorporate aurals and theory into a lesson and makes teaching these skills a pleasure."


- Brenda Hunting. /President MTAQ

B.Mus., B.Mus.Ed., L.Mus.A., A.Mus.A., M.Ed.(TLOTE)

MTAQ (Prof). Music Teacher from Brisbane.





I would love to congratulate you on this wonderful, innovative educational tool. My students are really enjoying Workbook A as am I.  I wish I was a child again!!!”


Julee Andrews.

AMusA, ATCL, LTCL, FTCL, music teacher from NSW.





"Fundamentally, we are very happy with your Workbook A as we have experienced great success with this resource in our Year 1 and 2 Music classes. The supplementary features such as the CD and the stickers are very useful, and the children are particularly excited when they have the opportunity to use the stickers in their workbooks. The graphics are also helpful and child-friendly. You have developed a fine resource in Music Education." 

- Nicola Poore, Penrith Anglican College

Classroom music teacher from NSW





"Anna Lu's series of Aural & Theory Workbooks are not only very attractive looking but a fun way for young students to learn the essentials of music.  The aural component in particular is much needed as there is little available in this very important area for young students while the accompanying CDs are excellently prepared & presented.  I thoroughly recommend these publications for all teachers of young music students."


- Suzanne (Sue) Thompson. /Author of the Music Games series of musicianship books

L.R.S.M., A.T.M.A. Retired AMEB senior examiner. Music teacher from Brisbane.





"I would like to thank you for providing this wonderful, new, exciting resource.   The workbooks are so much fun to work through with the supporting CD and many of my students return to their lesson with more work done than required!  What a lovely problem to have." 

- Deanne Scott

CTMusA. MTAQ(prof)Piano teacher from Brisbane






"Anna Lu has created a truly wonderful combination of ear training and theory. Music Bumblebees is an appealing and comprehensive book for children of all ages and best of all, my students find it most enjoyable."


- Robyn Harries.

AMusA, MTAQ (Assoc) Music Teacher from Qld.





"Thanks for a great book. We are using it at Children's Music Land!!! We have found the activities in this book work in very well with our teaching philosophy and the importance we believe aural and theory skills are in over all musical development of young children. Great work Anna keep it up!! Really looking forward to Workbook B"


- Caryn Eastman.

B.Ed., Dip.T.(music/maths), DipMus.T. ( music) A.Mus.A., ATCL, LTCL, A.MusTCL





"I am so happy with your work book, the students seem to learn the information so quickly and really enjoy doing the work. Congratulations on such a good course"


- Sheila Connally.

Music Teacher from VIC.





"Just a quick note to say that the books are great.  The stickers are a real highlight for a lot of the kids. I love what you covering, all in one book.  Thanks for a great resource!  It enables me to cover aural and theory together and the kids really enjoy it. It is my studio book of choice for new students."


- Tania Rashidi.

M.M.T.A; Licensed Kindermusik Educator, Sydney NSW.




Music Bumblebees Aural & Theory Workbook A

Music Bumblebees Aural & Theory Workbook B

Music Bumblebees Aural & Theory Workbook C