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Music Teacher's Resources

By Heng Tang June 05, 2018 0 comments

Today, I would like to specifically introduce some of the best Piano Teachers' Resources available on my online store.

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No. 1: 3M Highlighter Tape

Example of use for highlighter tape

Benefits of using highlighter tapes

  • Write-able - you can write on these highlighter tapes instead of on the score!
  • Erasable - If you made a mistake on the highlighter tape, you can erase it and re-write on it (say a change in fingering)!
  • Reusable – you can peel off unwanted tapes and stick them on the inside cover of the homework book or the music, ready to be used next time!
  • Visual prompt – often kids only look at the music and ignore the pencil markings or comments we make on the page

Uses for the highlighter tapes

There are so many ways one can use the highlighter tapes, the sky’s the limit really. Here are some of the most common ones I use.
  1. Pattern Recognition
    • Steps vs Skips
    • Repeated patterns
    • Chords – broken or block
    • Position changes
  2. Attention to Score Details
    • Missing or incorrect notes
    • Fingering
    • Accidentals
    • Articulation – slurs, staccato, etc
    • Dynamic and Tempo markings
  3. Other information
    • Music analysis – key changes, section changes
    • Reminders for mood and character changes
3M Removable Fluorescent Highlighter Tape
Only available on our online store exclusively in Australia, we import this directly from 3M overseas.




No. 2: Ladybird Hand Shaper

Ladybird music teacher's resources

 Another very useful tool is this little Ladybird Hand Shaper or Ladybug Squeezies.

I learned this tip from Diane Hidy, she has a very well written blog detailing how to use this hand shaper in piano lesson to help young beginners in getting the correct hand shape from the start.

Ladybird Hand Shaper (Set of 2)
Amazon US listing for $8.95 each, we are selling for $9.00 for set of 2.




No. 3: Magnetic Teaching Board with Music Symbols

 music teaching board

This is another exclusive teacher resource, an essential teaching tool for music teachers.

The magnetic music symbols include notes, rests, time signatures and music symbols

One side has 2 music staves with clefs printed, save you drawing them again and again

One side has blank stave and keyboard with notes for you and your student to play music learning games

Magnetic Music Teaching White Board with Magnetic Music Symbols
Play music theory games with your students, the sky is the limit on this board.




No. 4: Musical Stave Stickers

 Music Stave Stickers

Perfect for designing your own technique exercises for your students.

Perfect for covering up messy composition works.

Perfect for note learning and other activities.

Each sheet contains 8 stave stickers.

Music Bumblebees Musical Stave Stickers - Pack of 10 sheets
Another Exclusive to Music Bumblebees, pack of 10 sheets, total 80 Stave Stickers




No. 5: My Music Diary

My Music Diary

Our own publication - Music Bumblebees My Music Diary

  • Record teacher's details and policy
  • Record important dates such as rehearsals, concerts and exams
  • Record attendance and payment
  • Record daily practice record - to colour in or record time
  • Area for parent and teacher communcation
  • Area for reward sticker or stamp
  • Manuscript pages for reinforcing concepts or written homework
  • 52-page for lessons whole year round.
Music Bumblebees - My Music Diary
Our own publication, excellent for keeping record of your students' progress.

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